Eurotiles and Ceramica Monica, two companies which have been active in the ceramic sector for over thirty years, both offer a fine range of tiles to satisfy the most varied trends for bathrooms and homes. In the avant-garde for the most up-to-date technologies such as Bitech and porcelain stoneware, these two Brands have always invested substantial resources in research and planning, using refined techniques to create top quality innovative products with exceptional matching trim pieces.

In March 2009 Eurotiles and Ceramica Monica were acquired by Majorca S.p.a., creating a company set-up with a quicker response to market changes and consolidating its position in that medium-high market segment which requires ceramic products to be essential elements in interior decorating and design.

A workshop experimenting with new trends to express the feelings of those who live with the innumerable nuances of modern life. Intensity, deep feelings, creativity. A Majorca home safeguards daily home-life transforming it into a place of dreams. It protects memories and life experiences, looking straight into the future.
Dedication to ecology and responsibility. Right from the start we took up the environmental challenge, setting up and following an authentic "green revolution" over the years, carried out through production optimisation, the best use of natural resources and the development of eco-compatible processes. The UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification, granted in 2011, was the starting point for an on-going interest in maximum respect for the environment.
The key to sustainability lies in research. This is demonstrated by Majorca's new digital printing system, that is, the "state of the art" in terms of "low energy" standards. A 100 per cent clean process using non-toxic colours, exploiting them completely with no production residues, no water consumption, and no use of rollers, thus avoiding all problems of waste disposal.
Know-how and design thinking. Aesthetics and pragmatism. Science and intuition. But above all mankind at the centre of the habitat, the individual at the centre of everything as in Renaissance philosophy. The "made in Italy" spirit is an alchemy of good taste and harmony of contrasts, distilled through the centuries and coming down to our times. Majorca has always been a master of highly skilled mixing, using new fashion aesthetics and trend forecasting resulting in a 100 per cent Italian product.
Majorca Monica Eurotiles Ceramica Lord Tiffany Ceramiche

The Majorca Group

Thanks to the presence of five Brands, Majorca spa is able to provide an extraordinary differentiated offer in order to satisfy every segmentation of the market.

MONICA - EUROTILES: In 2009 Majorca spa acquires two Brands deep-seated in Italy and in the international markets with covering ceramic tiles: Monica and Eurotiles.

LORD & TIFFANY: In March 2010 Majorca spa acquires Ceramica Lord, absorbing Lord and Tiffany, two Brands all along oriented towards the production of niche products in the high medium market position.